Another blog on Social Media?!? Blah…

Illustration by Michael Mucci

The first post in the blog that shouldn’t exist.

Though I’ve been contributing to the Real Time Web debate for several years through various blogs, online newspapers, conferences, consulting, jobs and even launching a few ventures – I have always been reluctant to open my own blog. Why? A quick Google search for “Social Media Blog” returns a hefty 1.6 Million results. Guru-ship in Social Media and Digital Marketing seems to be the most common CV-filler in the current recession as life-coaching was after the bubble burst back in 2000.

So I blame it on passion. On a healthy dose of “opinionism”. On an incorrigible need to experiment and challenge. Did I hear vanity? Probably so, though reading my own work comes close to what most people feel when listening to a recording of their own voice.

DigitalPopuli is about sharing insight, criticism and experiences while living the Real Time Web. It is also about experimenting and as a result, about being wrong. For starters, I’d like to play around with a Posts-in-Progress (PIPs) concept. In other words, introducing a post topic before writing the post itself, encouraging input and then quoting and referencing contributors in the completed post. In addition to hopefully improving the quality of blog entries, it will be an interesting test of a value-driven viral content concept – more on this to come.

More importantly, looking forward to another Social Media Blog.  Blah…


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  • Chris

    Good luck with this Cristian – looking forward to some unconventional opinion!